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Rylan and Patrick Dunn

"Our family has been coming to UALC since 2019. Patrick and I got married in 2020 and had our first son, Theo, in December 2021. As young new parents, we were not sure what to expect as we returned to church and 'real life' after having a baby. UALC ended up being a place where we found connection, support, and love for our growing family in this season of life. Fellow community members offered to help hold and rock him when he cried, an anonymous crocheter made us a baby blanket and other parents offered advice, lent us books, and answered all the questions we had as new parents (like 'will we ever sleep again?'). Theo, now one year old, likes listening and clapping to music during worship, looking at the stained-glass windows in the sanctuary, or playing with friends in the nursery. At community events and service every week, there is a sense of belonging and inclusion for us, our son, and his grandfather. The emphasis on belonging for multiple generations has been incredible. Having him grow up in a place where he is loved, valued, and exposed early and often to the Word of God has been invaluable to us as a family, and we are so blessed we are able to call UALC home." – Rylan and Patrick Dunn


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