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My Together Story: Ashley Hyatt

"When I first watched the Together campaign videos, and saw couples who have built their lives together at UALC, I felt that familiar pang of disappointment and worry. Disappointment that I have yet to find a partner, and worry that loneliness will be my status quo. But I later realized I have not really been alone, and that is in many ways thanks to UALC.

I met my lifelong friend Emily at a 2000 youth retreat, and lived with her for eight years after college. When Emily married in 2018, I felt adrift, but then through UALC Young Professionals I met Christina, my good friend and roommate for the next four years. My parents, too, found spiritual fortitude at UALC, forming great connections in small groups and the worship team. The church also connected me to the Roys family and many others, who have had a significant influence in my life.

Reflecting on J.D. Wiley’s remarks about the foresight of previous generations, I realized UALC’s impact on my own life — from preschool to youth group to Tae Kwon Do. Now I’m paying it forward, in gratitude for UALC’s continuous nurturing presence. And if a bocce ball court happens to be in the future plans, you’ll find me there every Sunday! I extend my heartfelt thanks to God and UALC for the invaluable blessings you’ve bestowed upon me."

– Ashley Hyatt

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