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Progress (and worship!) at Lytham Rd

Hey UALC Church Family -

Aaron here with another update about our progress on renovations at Lytham, and our Together campaign. God continues to lead us faithfully through this season. That has not meant everything has run smoothly (like the challenge we are having to get a permit for our kids ministry trailer), and yet we see God's clear hand of leadership in both the challenges and the provision.

I've been reminding the staff team, regularly, of the story of Balaam in Exodus, who was called by God and sent by God with a purpose. Despite being on the path God had called him to, Balaam was stopped and challenged by God. Even in the midst of following God's calling, the important thing was for Balaam to remember to stay close with the LORD and trust him in obedience. That is true for us as well! The LORD has provided partners, resources, and even a great space for on-going worship at Lytham. But that doesn't mean we can do all of this on our own, now. Instead, we continue to be called to seek the LORD, trust the LORD and obey Him as He leads us.

With some of that important framing clear, let me share with you some of the updates of what has been happening these last few weeks:

  • Our sub-contractors have completed demo on the main floor of Lytham, and are now continuing to the half-floor and the basement.

  • Asbestos mitigation has been happening over the last month. I've not heard definitively, but believe they have now completed that work.

  • The transition team continues to work with the city and a trailer provider to get permitting for a kids ministry trailer. We have the funds, and the trailer is available, and are now waiting for permitting so it can be installed.

  • A team of staff have been working on a plan for furnishing and heaters for the "courtyard" outside of the Lytham Tabernacle. This should help with socializing in the space. We also have heard that the awning we've been waiting on should be installed in the next couple of weeks.

  • We are so grateful for the volunteers who've made this plan for Lytham functional, and for the great attitude of the congregation as we navigate these changes and challenges. Please continue to pray that, in the midst of the renovations, 2300 Lytham Rd. would continue to be a beacon of the Gospel to the community, and a place where God is praised!

Here are some fun pictures of life in the Tabernacle over the past month:


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