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The Journey Continues

We recently shared a check-in about the Together campaign. Our guiding Bible verse for this campaign is from the book of Ephesians. God is building up His church, and we are building with God for the mission of UALC now and in the generations to come. 

You might remember that we initially committed $11.4 million dollars to the campaign – praise God! And then our final bids came in $3.7 million dollars above that. Through the hard work of our council and building committees, and through additional commitments that many of us made, we have reduced that gap to less than $600,000. And if I may celebrate for a moment: all of those gifts are above and beyond the regular giving we share for the ongoing mission and ministry of our church. I’m so grateful to be a part of such a generous church! We still have a gap to close, and we can do it together.  

May God continue to build us up on the cornerstone of Jesus Christ and the foundation of His Word and to dwell in and among us by His Holy Spirit. 

To be and to make disciples of Jesus Christ, 

Pastor Steve


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