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Major Progress at Lytham Rd!

The construction team at Lytham is making great progress, and some of the future of the building is beginning to be visible. See below for photos and explanations.


Here you can see the demolition that has happened to make way for the new, larger lobby and covered entryway. Here's a rendering of what the new construction will look like:

From this rendering, you can see the size and shape of the new lobby, the covered walkway and the covered drop-off that will be built.

And here's a rendering of what the inside of the lobby will feel like:

Kids Ministry Classrooms (Main Level)

In previous posts, you've been able to see progress in the preschool area. Now we can also show you some of the progress that is happening with the Kids Ministry spaces on the main floor that will be used for child care, Kids Church, etc.

These two large spaces, taking up what used to be staff offices, will be used for Lytham's growing nursery and pre-k ministries. Next, here is a picture of one the 2nd and 3rd grade classroom (which will be connected to the K-1 room and 4-5 room, as well as the Fellowship Hall).


In the Sanctuary, the team has now framed in the chancel, the ramp for the chancel, the sacristy, cry room and tech booth. Here's an image of the new chancel space:

And here is a rendering of what this might look like once it is finished:

The new ramp for the chancel is also being framed in, and we are so excited for how this will impact the safety and accessibility of the chancel for worship!

Finally, here's a picture of the framing for the cry room. Notice the large open space where the backlit Mary window will welcome parents in:

That's all for now - look for the next update with images of some behind-the-scenes spaces, like offices, new lift, expanded restrooms and exterior waterproofing work.

Thanks for taking time to read and stay up-to-date on this exciting work!

In Christ, Aaron


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