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Praying about the Together Campaign

Dear UALC family, We recently shared a Together campaign update in our worship services. There’s a lot to celebrate. Many of you have begun giving toward your commitments, and that means we’re experiencing the twin fruits of our giving: The church’s mission is being advanced, and we are growing in faith by the worshipful sacrifice. You will be getting an offering statement in the mail this week, and I encourage you to pray over it with these themes in mind.

Now in the last few weeks our contractor came back to us with final bids that were significantly over budget. This is frustrating, of course, but we are learning that this is not unusual in the current market. Our church council and campaign leaders have been hard at work. Here’s a summary of the process so far:

  1. We received bids that were $3.7 million over budget.

  2. Our building and design team found cost savings to reduce that overage to $2.4 million.

  3. Early donors have made additional commitments to reduce that need. At the time of this writing, we have received new commitments for about half that amount, leaving us with a remaining need of about $1.2 million.

Our church council has discussed and prayed over three strategies to solve this problem:

  1. Additional giving. Would you please commit to pray about an additional gift to the campaign? Depending on your circumstances, this might mean different things. Some people, for example, have extended their 3-year commitment to a 4th year or have committed to a larger amount up front.

  2. Cost savings. We will continue to look for all the cost savings we can find without changing the overall vision for the project.

  3. Financing. Our existing bridge loan locked in a favorable interest rate. We can use that loan to extend the period of needed financing.

Would you please pray?

Please pray for God’s leading and provision in our church and for his blessing on our efforts. And please pray about the possibility of your own increased commitment to our Together campaign. Find the online form here, with options to make an additional commitment or make one for the first time. We are asking everyone to pray about this possibility and make a commitment by December 10.

In Christ,

Pastor Steve


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