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New Drawings from our Architect Partners

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Hey Church Family!

Yesterday was another great Sunday - we had week 2 of the campaign, held our fall congregational meeting, and hosted the first session of the spring new member class.

I wanted to post an update today to share some new floor plans and renderings with you. As always, this is an on-going, evolving project. But we thought it'd be helpful to share our latest renderings with you:

You'll notice that the chancel shows a ramp, altar furniture, and half-walls that add visual interest and practical support to the ramp handrails. There is also a bump-out to the center stairs, and a communion rail across the front of the chancel. In the back you'll see the smaller tech booth, with a room behind it, which will become the new sacristy. On the other side is a small room which will function as a cry room.

Here's a rough rendering of what the new chancel area will feel like:

While we don't have real renderings of the kids' space, yet, there is an updated floor plan, and some inspiration images the architects are using as they refine the interior design direction:

Thanks for taking time to stay current on the campaign. Look back next week for more updates after the budget meeting the team is holding with our contractors this week.

In Christ, Aaron


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