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Introducing Our Kids' Space: A Promise of Future Fun and Learning!

A New Addition to Our Church Property

We have recently acquired a kids' trailer, a dedicated space where our children will soon be able to play, learn, and grow in faith. Positioned conveniently near the entrance at Middlesex Road, this trailer is a symbol of our commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of our young members.

A Work in Progress

While the excitement is palpable, we'd like to note that the trailer is currently not ready for use. Turning this trailer into a vibrant, safe, and kid-friendly space will take some time. Our team is working diligently on the necessary modifications, from ensuring safety standards to incorporating educational and fun elements tailored for our children.

How Can You Help?

This is a community effort, and we welcome any support you can provide:

  • Pray: Most importantly, keep this project in your prayers, asking for guidance, safety, and success in creating a wonderful space for our children. In the coming months, we'll share updates on the progress, and soon, we'll be inviting children to the Kids’ Church and Nursery spaces.

  • Volunteer: Once the classrooms are ready, we will need volunteers to serve with Kids’ Church (PreK-Grade 5) and help the children grow in their faith and love of Jesus. Reach out to Melissa Davis, if you have questions and can lend a hand.


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