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Further Progress at Lytham Rd.

Last post I shared with you about the work that has been done on the lobby, Sanctuary and the upstairs classrooms. In this update I'll share some about more behind-the-scenes spaces, like tech rooms, restrooms, offices, and waterproofing work.

Grading and Waterproofing:

There is significant re-grading work taking place around the south-end of the property. This will make room for the expanded playground for the Preschool and neighborhood. This work is also meant to improve the movement of water around the building. This should go a long way to address the water damage issues that we have had in the Lytham basement.

While regrading, the exterior of the basement is also being treated with waterproofing before the dirt is placed back along the building. Here's an example of that kind of work (not an actual picture of Lytham):

New Restrooms:

A number of restrooms are getting renovated in this project. The result will be larger men's and women's restrooms off of the lobby, as well as a family restroom equipped with an adult changing table for those with that need. The main restrooms have also been designed to be accessible for those with a variety of needs.

Here you can see what used to be Pastor Joe's office. It is in the process of being turned into the main floor, women's restroom. The team is still framing, plumbing, removing the window, etc. But this image gives a sense of the expanded space and accessibility of the new restroom.

Additionally, in a corridor behind Fireside Lounge will be a single-occupancy, family restroom, equipped with an adult changing table, like this one:

I'm so excited for how these new restrooms will help us to be a church for people of all ages and abilities!

Offices and Technical Spaces:

In this new design, there will be offices on the half-level above the lobby. These will be offices for Pastor Steve, Pastor Joe and Tammy Schuster. Additionally, in what used to be the sacristy, on the same level, will be a new livestreaming tech room. The new sacristy will be in the Sanctuary, opposite the cry room.

Here is an image of the new offices for Pastor Joe and Tammy:

This is a look into what will be Tammy's office. Behind it (through the framing) you are seeing the choir room. This new office space is occupying the room that was previously used for teen connect at Lytham (and also had a variety of uses through the week). Pastor Joe's office will be immediately next to this one, with Pastor Steve in the same area as well.

A similar space is on the other side of the choir room. It will be used to run sound and video for the Lytham livestream (like the broadcast rooms we already were using at Mill Run).


That's all for now. Thanks for continuing to check in on this work, for your financial support of this important work, and for your prayers for the renovation and the ministry still happening at Lytham Rd. in the midst of the work.

Also, thanks for your flexibility for the times when we need to worship elsewhere because of the construction (like May 19 and 26 when we're at the Mill Run Campus, at 9:00 and 11:00 am).

In Christ, Aaron


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